Installation of an interactive greenhouse dome in the public space.
May, 2018.

A geodesic greenhouse dome gives shelter to a single person who, momentarily isolated from the outside, can visualize and listen to the responses to certain external stimuli received by the plants in real time. "Impact sequences" is an immersive audiovisual experience where the plants interpret orchestrally the interaction with the environment according to various communication parameters such as light, humidity, temperature, moisture, pH level, electro-conductivity, vibrations and touch, etc ...

The biorhythms of the plants participate in an orchestra of generative data: The musical instruments have been designed by us, but they are the ones that play.

"Impact sequences" was installed in the Plaza del Arriaga (Bilbao) during the month of May, within the Bilbao Art District festival.

Curatorship: Mawa Tres and Andrea Estankona.
Technical support and creative coding: Arteklab (Jaime de los Ríos).

Installations views
Plaza del Arriaga, Bilbao, Spain.

Greenhouse dome (detail view)

Installations views
Teatro del Arriaga, Bilbao, Spain + Inside the dome.

Two Generative Audiovisual Artworks
IMPACT SEQUENCES Opus #1 & Opus #2

Desktop view #1
Work progress tracking

Desktop view #2
Work progress tracking

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