Now online: The webpage of my research group on art and technology at BBAA, UCM. Interactions of art in the Technosphere (direction: Josu Larrañaga & Jaime Munarriz)


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For the "Locative Breathing" project, a side-car bicycle greenhouse was produced. A very specific canary endemic plant (the "Drago Canario" or "Dracaena Draco") was installed inside the greenhouse to act as a portable filter for the cyclist during his rides around the local environment. The breathing connected the tube and mask of the cyclist with the interior of the greenhouse: This generated a mutual feedback between the exhaled CO2 of the cyclist and the oxygen produced by the Drago and, of course, a local immersion in the sensitive nature of the plant itself.

This work is a symbolic statement about the concept of human interdependence and interference in the local adaptation of natural environments.

Single-channel Video Artwork (Cover IMG: Luna Bengoechea)

This project has been exhibited at «Biotopías, intervenciones artísticas frente al problema medioambiental» Gabinete Literario de Las Palmas (18 oct -17 nov 2018). Artists: Basurama Asociación, Luna Bengoechea, Carmela Garcia y Santiago Morilla".
Curatorship: PSJM.

"Artistic interventions in digital cartography"
Currently studying PhD in Fine Arts, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain.

Director: Josu Larrañaga Altuna
Investigation group at UCM University: "INTERACCIONES DEL ARTE EN LA TECNOSFERA"