"El Accidente de la Pintura / The Accident of painting"

Permanent site-specific intervention on the rooftop of the Royal Spanish Academy in Rome, Italy.
June-July, 2010.

The “accident” speaks to the impossibility of preaching to birds, of the arrogant and absurd human purpose, with its inevitable reversal of the fall... in an emblematic place in Rome where tribute is paid to St. Francis of Assisi and where Christian tradition has it that St. Peter was crucified upside-down.

A forgotten terrace at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (Real Academia de España en Roma / RAER) caused El accidente de la pintura (The Accident of Painting), a defeat only visible from the sky.

Curatorial TEXT: Jose Luis Corazón, DOWNLOAD IT HERE

Artist BOOK: Edited and Designed by Retrovisor.com CREATIVE STUDIO + INFO HERE

Geo Position: 41°53'20.0"N 12°27'58.1"E

Satellite viewSatellite view (zoom 01 & 02) "The limits of landscape""The limits of landscape" Artist BOOK limited ed. Video Performance on the rooftopVideo Performance on the rooftop As Saint Peter Upside Down General viewsGeneral views Rooftop at RAER Video projections in two lunettesVideo projections in two lunettes Cloister at RAER Detail viewsDetail views Rooftop at RAER

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