A "Moving Landscape" project developed in the southeastern train network of Salento, Puglia (Italy).
November, 2014.

"POW" (Prisoners Of War) was written on the train wagon roofs during the ?S?econd World War? so the Allied aircraft would never bombard them. An acronym used to refer to anyone captured during the war, not only military but also civilians or guerrilla fighters.

"POW" -in typical Salentino Baroque typography- specifically located in the train from line Lecce-Maglie, with its mobile lettering made with the same material used in the wagon floors of the rail network, is aligned with its corresponding typographical-cell painted on the rooftop of the railway keepers house at Galugnano station (Puglia, Italy). The video contains this invisible alignment "objective and viewer impact" and happened about 5 times a day during the months of November and December 2015.

"POW" is also is a specific project that aims to make visible the reinterpretation of current prisoner concept (tourists, students and laborers in southern Italy) in an invisible war. It is therefore a project investigating the contrast between the load path, the journey of historical memory and the discourse of the victor... All this from a standpoint of aerial surveillance in the context moving landscape.

Produced by PepeNero for Progetto GAP, Curated by Francesco Buonerba, Art Direction by Francesca Marconi, Local Management by Betta Patera.

Single-channel Video Artwork
POW (in 3 Parts)

Satellite viewSatellite view (zoom 01 & 02) Lettering alignment @ keeper houseLettering alignment @ keeper house Drone view from the video artwork Pow train sculpture + flag + videoPow train sculpture + flag + video Mapamundistas 2016 exhibition Lettering & Roof Cell painting Lettering & Roof Cell painting Photos © Y. Benseddik & S.Morilla Installing POW mobile letteringInstalling POW mobile lettering Photo © Yacine Benseddik POW train refueling @ Lecce stationPOW train refueling @ Lecce station Drone view from the video artwork POW train refueling @ Lecce stationPOW train refueling @ Lecce station Drone view from the video artwork POW train leaving the Lecce stationPOW train leaving the Lecce station Drone view from the video artwork The target, the mock-up & the BOMBThe target, the mock-up & the BOMB Photos © Y. Benseddik & S.Morilla Portrait with flag on BOMB draisinePortrait with flag on BOMB draisine Photo © Yacine Benseddik

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