FIN (The end)

Temporary intervention in the landscape: Drawing performance with sheep and food at Alaró, Mallorca.
March, 2013.

The word “FIN” is formed during a few apparently accidental instants when the collision between food, sheep, space and timeline occurs (and disappears) in a repetitive loop.

In the drawings we find a thick all-over wall, which we can assume has infinite dimensions, where humans are camouflaged beneath the sheep to, through anonymous organization and collectivity, escape from the modern Cyclopes Polyphemus. With the word “FIN” and the concept of food, Morilla delves a bit deeper into his incursions into social ecology, with nods to food distribution and, by extension, wealth and power.

FIN solo show at Fernando Pradilla Art Gallery, Madrid (Nov-Dec 2013) + Collective drawing show at SEINE 51 Art Gallery, Paris (April 2014)

Single-channel Video Artwork
Drawing performance with sheep

Video Artwork sequenceVideo Artwork sequence Drawing performance with sheep FIN drawing (detail)FIN drawing (detail) 20x42cms markers with ink drawing FIN drawingsFIN drawings (3) 20x42cms drawings FIN Silk screen 1 ink (detail)FIN Silk screen 1 ink (detail) 70 x 50 cm at FIN (anamorphosis) FIN (anamorphosis) High resolution photography

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